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Macedonia: this magnificent country will surprise you!


Why to visit Macedonia?

It is incredibly beautiful. You will discover that Macedonia is an ancient land of unbelievable beauty, with impressive opportunities for leisure and adventure travel. We are proud to present you the Macedonian lakes and mountains, combined with highlights of Macedonia's cultural and religious heritage, our picturesque villages and landscapes. We are here to help you discover one of Europe's last "off the beaten track" spots! Try out the tasty and healthy food, drink delicious wine and rakia (alcoholic beverage made from various fruits). Moreover discover the hospitality, kindness, openness and warmth of the Macedonia’s residents.
Come for a trip that will bring you beautiful lifetime memories!


Facts about Republic of Macedonia
Name of state: Republic of Macedonia
Capital city: Skopje, population more than 800.000
Geographic location: Southeastern and Central Europe, Balkan Peninsula, Western Balkans
Area: 25.713 km2
Climate: warm, dry summers and autumns; relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall.
Longest river: Vardar, 302 km
Highest mountain peak: Korab, 2764 m
International dialing code: +389
Official currency: the denar (MKD)
National Internet domain: .mk
National vehicle code: MK
Population: more than 2.000.000,  70% Macedonians
Official language: Macedonian
Official script: Cyrillic
Religion: Eastern Orthodox Christian, Roman Catholic Christian, Muslim
National holidays: 8th September – Independence Day, major Christian and Muslim holidays
Time zone: Central European, CET (GMT + 1 hour)
Electricity: 220 ~ 230V, 50 Hz
Water from public mains: Safe to drink


Sometimes the best countries are the most surprising ones. Macedonia certainly falls into that category.

Welcome to Macedonia! Добродојдовте во Македонија!

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